"Life can be incredibly hard. The low points - the valleys - can be dark, lonely, and difficult to navigate. 

I am a therapist because I know that health and healing are possible."



The Next Step is a group of licensed clinicians who are committed to meet with you - just as you are - and join you on the journey toward healing. We believe that it is okay to ask for help along the way.



"Taking the first step and contacting a therapist can be scary. It can also be life changing and magical.

I genuinely love this work and look forward to connecting with you as you begin your journey of self-discovery."



"Life can be challenging. The challenges can bring on feelings of loneliness and sadness, that may feel difficult to work through. 

I became a therapist to help people navigate through those challenges and heal."


"Asking for help can be the most difficult part of the healing process.


As a therapist, my goal is to create a safe judgement free place for us to work on your goals."

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“Life experiences can be difficult for children and families to understand and navigate. My goal is to provide a nonjudgmental and accepting environment that allows children to explore and learn more effective ways of expressing themselves and creating healthier relationships.”

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