The Team

The Next Step is a group of licensed clinicians who are committed to meet with you - just as you are - and join you on the journey toward healing. We believe that it is okay to ask for help along the way.

Rustic Beach Path

Andra Perryman

"Life can be incredibly hard. The low points - the valleys - can be dark, lonely, and difficult to navigate. 

I am a therapist because I know that health and healing are possible."


Tricia Hoops

"Taking the first step and contacting a therapist can be scary. It can also be life changing and magical.

I genuinely love this work and look forward to connecting with you as you begin your journey of self-discovery."


Jen Nye

"Life can be challenging. The challenges can bring on feelings of loneliness and sadness, that may feel difficult to work through. 

I became a therapist to help people navigate through those challenges and heal."